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Railway opposition and fear strikes again!

Those railways! When would there be peace in the land? Where one single nook of shelter and escape from them! And the English, blunt as their senses are to noise and hubbub, would be revelling in hisses, shrieks, puffings and screeches, so that travelling would become an intolerable affliction…..they will not see the England we have seen. It will be patched and scored, disfigured . . .

George Meredith-Diana of the crossways (Published 1885)

How HS2 will tear up rural England…

More than 100 of Britain’s most important wildlife habitats and dozens of ancient woodlands will be directly affected by the proposed high-speed rail link between London and the North.

Daily Telegraph 21/07/2013

Who would have thought it, over 130 years of railway development, and we are still protesting about the effect railways on rural Britain. How little has changed over the years, and how short our memory span seems to be when you consider that, in one evolutionary or developmental form or another (sorry all you creationists) , we have been around for at least 3.5 million years

What we forget is that even before railways and after the growth of railways, there was a problem with progression and change. What of canals and associated industries, the industrial revolution, and what of the post world war 2 transition to road haulage and leisure usage. It would seem we have forgotten the howls of protest about the rape and desecration of the English countryside; or have we?

Forgetfulness would be an easy answer ,for as  George Santana stated

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Yet are we not in the world of N.I.M.B.Y. Most of us seem to want to get somewhere in life, either mentally or physically, and to get there at ever increasing speed, but few of us want to get our hands dirty in order that such a solution should be found.

If we cannot rest our minds and bodies, and if we cannot accept our position in life with equanimity, then the “piper” of progress will always run along side us, but we will  have to pay for his tune

What if we were to stop though, mentally and physically..what if we were to accept who and what we are..wouldn’t life be easier, and better for ourselves and the planet.. and might not the piper play a happier tune.

Think about it folks, just think about it; wouldn’t  be a joy!


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