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Let the word sing!

A recent news article stated that the better an individuals can pick up rhythmic beats and patterns, the better that person is at learning languages. It was a small article, and probably passed by unnoticed by many people but it got me thinking… 

1/Why does such a phenomenon come as surprise to us so as to warrant a news headline, and

2/Why, in today’s literary climate  of non-rhythmic staccato writing, do we writers not rebel.

1/ I am no visionary or qualified scientist or academic, and my knowledge of speech patterns and language development can be written on the back of a small postcard, but such an announcement leaves me shaking my head in quiet despair. Why so, because it seems to be such a blindingly obvious statement and observation. All life revolves around patterns and rhythms, such concepts are in integral part of being alive, and as we are part of nature, regardless of our alleged different status to other animals, are we not automatically governed by the same rule?

If this is so, and I would love someone to challenge such an assumption or assumptions, then does not the development of languages follow the same trend. Are not all our languages born out of the communicative same root that is shared by so many other life forms about us, and do we not so many of us share the same basic recognition of rhythm, textual pattern, beat or sound? We may not understand all of the natural languages that surround us, but we know that other natural languages are spoken, and we often point out that many of those languages have a rhythm, a beat, and vocabulary of their own, so why do we need  a study to demonstrate that our languages follow the same rule. In what ever way is recognisable to ourselves and others, we all need to communicate in some from or another with something or somebody or another. We use speech, flowers use scent, colour, design and pollen, and animals like elephants use frequencies that we cannot hear, but we all pass on some kind of message, so again why do we need a study .Of course such conclusions will assist in speech therapy and other applications, but such a basic building block should be known to us without a study, thereby releasing such studies for more prifound studies elsewhere.


We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,


Arthur O’Shaughnessy

We writers are very lucky. Within our minds, pens, fingers, and keyboards someone of something has given the gift of words. So what are we currently doing with this gift. Are we not debasing ourselves before the altars of mammon, and we not often serving up a dish as plain, simple , and unappetizing as a slice of uncooked potato, with maybe just a sliver of cheese on the side? I know that many of us seek recognition band a financial return for our services, and I fully appreciate that we live in a market driven economy, but whether through the written word or oral tradition who else is to bring life to or language, and who else can further our dreams? So it is that I urge all writers and readers to rebel against current mediocrity, and write, read, or listen to words and thereby languages that really sing.

Anyone fancy joining such a cause 



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