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The Rhythm and the Beat goes on


Scientists have discovered that individuals who pick up rhythms and beats quickly are better at languages

Well isn’t that a surprise, I mean who would have thought it. For millions of years we have been part of nature, for the same amount of time we have been following her rhythmic beat, and to a lesser or greater degree we have worked hard to comprehend what we are saying to each other.

So why is it that we need a study to show us that this is so, and what lessons can we learn as writers as we conduct our trade

The lessons for scientists and physicians are as valuable as they are varied, so though I speak in jest as regards this topic I wish them well as regards the various fields that they are in. What interests me more is the lesson for us writers

We writers are in many ways lucky. We may drive our partner’s nuts through the solitary pursuit of craft or occupation, and at times we may find ourselves scrabbling around the innermost recesses of our brains for the simplest of all words; but we do have the gift of words. Wonderful words, in a host of different languages, sublime words whose lyrical beauty can light an eternal flame.

The problem is that we often don’t utilise our skill to the full. We know the words, we know their meaning, and by word association and linkage we know how to make a sentence sing, yet all too often we allow ourselves to be pinned down by two great evils. Money, and accepted wisdom.

I am lucky, my income comes from other sources than writing, but why is it that we allow ourselves to be bullied into writing stuttering or blunt edged doggerel, by a dubious authority that none of us can ever see. This authority has many names, but public opinion, they, and saleability will do just as well as others, and such forces have resulted in childish literature flooding our shelves and coursing through our Ipad, eBooks, and heaven knows what else we can hold within our hands

Well as far as I’m concerned, enough is enough. I love English with a passion and I you all, both as readers and writers, to join me as, in my own small way, I try and reverse the trend.

Is the English language dead, no, and due to its multithreaded complexity, I doubt whether it ever will be, but if we are not careful, the joyous rhythm, beat, and musical beauty of the language, may well die.

Anyone fancy joining the cause…let me know when you reply 


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