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Authors Profile Page

Hi Everyone 


My name is Chris Wilson and may I welcome you to my Profile page. You will see that as  a blog background there is a somewhat sad looking character mournfully looking at a computer screen. That is me as I work at my computer, and that was me before I discovered the rich joy and complexity of the English language. Then one day our English teacher told us to say the word Rumbustious.

    “Say it out aloud!”

she told us

      ” Don’t worry about what it means, just say it, feel it, taste it, and savour it; and where ever you go in the future, never let it go!”

Well most of the class thought she was potty, but not all of us, and we were the lucky ones. We did as he instructed, and with the word rolling around our senses like  a glass of deep rich vintage wine, it stirred up within us an appreciation, love, and passion of the English language that has stayed with us up until this day  

Where has it left me know, well I suppose at this time I ought to tell you my life history and qualifications, but my writing is far more important so I won’t keep you long. Born in London, and relocated to the Isle of Man, I live with my lovely wife of 17 years, called Miki, and two black cats called Bubble and Squeak


As regards qualifications I have very few to speak of, and I have never been to university but life, and a good English teacher, have taught me several critical things

·         The joy and richness within the English language

·         courage, stubbornness, and flexibility in the face of adversity

·         The joy, and at times inconvenience, of an open mind

·         nothing is as obvious as it ever seems

·         Sadness and happiness seldom walk forth alone

·         tolerance, respect and equality

·         that there is a story or tale to be told in nearly everything you see, touch or smell, and there are microcosmic worlds all around us whose stories are just waiting to be told


These are the values are the values that form the elements of many of my stories but even these are not enough on their own. Many an author will tell you that all their work is their own. They might pay brief homage to other writers before them, but they have had the ideas, they have produced the word, and now, like some lighthouse throwing its beam out from the shoreline, they seek to somehow illuminate the world.


If that is true then good for them, but I cannot believe them, for though they may have a powerful beam to light up the darkness, what of the rocks that silently, yet continually support them, and what of the efforts of friends and others around them, without whom, the authors voice would never be heard. I am not one that superior bunch of authors, I am just as flawed as most people, and though I trust I am a good honest Wordsmith, there are others who must share any claim to fame that might, in time, come my way.


First up for recognition is my close family. Without their support, unending patience, love and understanding my life would have been very hard indeed. I have, by my own admission, put them through hell and back at times, but it is through their guidance and inherited wisdom that I, and this website, now stand before you today.


Then there comes a few select individuals whose contributions have to recognise by name. Barbara Standish, a long term friend and saviour in need at a time of terrible desperation, and the person who first introduced me to the Isle of Man. Mrs Hunt, my old English school teacher who badgered me into recognising the joy of English. Chris Lyons, one of nature’s songbirds who once rested briefly within my earth bound branches, and who I still recall dancing for joy around the close at Salisbury Cathedral. Valerie Collins, and her huge black poodle, her knowledge of French wine, and her disgusting pot of gloopy soya bean spread or puree. Now, over here on the island, Adrian Smith, and in Australia Rashma N Kalsie, for without their support and guidance, this blog would never have been born, let alone as it is now. Anyone else that deserves a mention, yes Helen Broadbent. Without her help and cheerful support, the computer, on many occasions, might have gone flying out of the window this would never had occurred,  so it is with pleasure that I can now name her, and thank her to the full.


There is one person though that deserves a special mention, and almost within a paragraph of her own. That is my dear wife Miki, who for 17 years and counting, has always loved and supported me, and to this day is always there to help me by my side. Raised by her loving parents, her and her family have been through very difficult times and enforced relocation, but to this day she still holds true to her values and dreams. No man could ask for a better wife, friend, lover and companion, and no man could share such a wonderful dream. If you asked her she would say that she was just Miki, well that is true, but rather like looking at a sunset or a fine diamond that knows nothing of its natural beauty, “Just Miki”, is good enough for me.


So it is that I come to the end of this section of my profile but this I will say in conclusion.

This is not my blog, but everybody’s blog, and I hope it may stay so up until its end, but without the help of those mentioned on this page, and so many others, there would have been no words, no blog, and no stories or articles. In essence there would have been nothing whatsoever at all

So thank you for reading this page and for visiting this blog, I hope you join me on this journey which, I hope, for everybody who  comes on board, will be a thoroughly enjoyable ride



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