PASSION 4 PROSE or P4P! A fun laid back short story, and article Blog , the home for the author Chris Wilson, and a home for those who prepared to , or like to think differently and exercise their mind


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Hi Everyone

My name is Chris Wilson, I am a short story and article writer and I would like to welcome to my short story blog and article site where I invite you to do the following

  • Read a short stories, poetry and articles  for free
  • Read a short story, poetry and articles where you don’t need  a degree in psychology
  • Read a short story poetry and articles where you can actually understand the ending of  as story without explanatory notes from the author
  • Read a story like all of used to read  a story, poetry, or an article…… i.e not to be smart or superior, but simply to enjoy good rich flowing English and to have fun

Great. I hear you say, but so what? Every short story/ article blog offers such a service so why come spend time here? Well how about because I offer you the chance to do the following

  • To look, think, and comment about life in a new and challenging way 
  • To rid your mind, and your life,  of “they say”, ” everybody say’s”, and “everybody knows”, and “well-known facts”
  • To think so far outside of the box that you cannot see any of its edges 

and through the short stories

  • To explore seemingly small, insignificant, yet often powerful microcosmic worlds that in reality surround us on all sides

So in summary,  I offer you a blog where, within the bounds of common decency, and tolerance of everybody’s lifestyle, faith, creed, or sexuality, your mind and your tongue can explore ideas and worlds hitherto unseen or never thought about, and where your mind can roam totally and utterly free

Do you dare, accept the challenges that lie on the screen before you? Can you open up your mind to explore new ideas and worlds that, as yet lie unseen and in silence around you. I sincerely hope so, for if you accept such an opportunity, then a good time will be had by all



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