PASSION 4 PROSE or P4P! A fun laid back short story, and article Blog , the home for the author Chris Wilson, and a home for those who prepared to , or like to think differently and exercise their mind

Short story collection

Story Type or Genre Title Synopsis
Feel good A question of Style
Dance with me
Entente Cordiale
Heavenly Indulgencies
Slip Slop Plop and Gurgle
The Homecoming
The Little Pot of Jam
The Onion Bubble Tree The red Headed Mermaid
What’s up Popsi?
Crime Play chicken
Cock Robin
Ghost The Ghost Tour
A nice day for a funeral
The ferryman
Pause for thought Eye Spy
Hopscotch on the Prom
My Friend Jeannie
Paddling in the sea
The Family Man
The  Wise Man and the Fool
The Yoghurt Pot Musketeers
A Walk on the Dar Side A Lifetime of Happiness
Lone Star

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